Combofix Version Free

The malware and adware worse nightmare in one simple software

Web surfing, much like free wrestling, enables you to watch beautiful things, discover great new content, listen to heart warming music (or to heart warming joint cracking sounds), while, unfortunately, it continuously subjects you to malicious attempts and attacks (with colorful tights or without them). Should you sense your PC has gotten infected with a virus, worm, spyware, a Trojan horse, or any other form of malware, you should instantly get some sort of PC cleansing tool.
Combofix is one of the greatest tools to fight malware. It thoroughly and very deeply scans your PC for known malware (it excels in detecting combinations of malware), and removes them. It even allows users to manually remove malware infections. Not only will Combofix remove malicious files but it will also rid you of harmless yet unnecessary files (leftovers of long removed software programs or applications, and the like). It's quite easy to use and after having finished its scan and removal activities a detailed report will be generated and displayed for your further use.
In order to make your settings secure, Combofix will automatically back them up.
Important, crucial, colossal, grave, serious, severe, and generally good to be aware of notice: use of this application without parental supervision, sorry, without the supervision of an experienced user is very unadvisable, as it may result in you harming or damaging your computer, and in your computer not working properly (again, much like wrestling).
Users come first